We welcome all artists, filmmakers, and like minded creatives to join us

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We welcome all artists, filmmakers, and liked mined creatives to join us in the 1st Annual Hollywood Florida Film Festival which will be hosted right in the heart of Hollywood Florida. The dates are Wednesday February 10th to Sunday February 14th 2016. Stay tuned for the celebrity talents and film line up, which will be announced soon, and be sure to save the dates for all the amazing red carpet parties and exciting social networking opportunities.

Hollywood Florida Film Festival was founded by a group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and all with a strong passion for the arts. This festival is formed with the main objective of uniting the community of Hollywood Florida through the magical medium of cinema. Joseph Young founded the city of Hollywood Florida in 1920. His dream vision was to create a place that is similar to the famous “Hollywood” in Los Angeles. Mr. Young bought thousands of acres of land and named the new town “Hollywood by the Sea.” Of course that dream never materialized and the new film community never took hold on the east coast of Florida.

Until now… “If you build it, they will come.” We the organizers of the Hollywood Florida Film Festival (HFFF) are passionate about films and we will continue the legacy of Joseph Young’s early pioneer vision. The aim is to bring the visual arts of movies from around the globe to our beautiful community. This is a small step towards our ultimate goal of building studios along with the infrastructures where filmmakers can thrive. “Rome wasn’t built in one day” and we have a long ways to go to achieve our objectives, but this is one tiny step towards the vision of cinema for the city of Hollywood by the Sea.

We are currently seeking additional sponsorship so if you have an interest and want to be part of the festivities please contact us. Email: or direct line (310) 650-1753.

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