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Latinarrific Night will take place on February 11, 2017 as part of the multiple celebrations that the Hollywood Florida Film Festival will be hosting. Latinarrific, an inspirational platform for the 26 Million bi-cultural Latinas, will showcase ten short videos representing the numerous facets of the Latina community in the United States and how the Latinarrific platform is engaging them. This film screening and storytelling event will take place at the vibrant BarYTono at 2020 Hollywood Blvd. in Downtown Hollywood starting at 6:30 p.m. The state-of- the art Latinarrific 360º Virtual Room will be livestreaming the event. Tapas and drinks will be provided. It is a great opportunity to get to know more about Latinarrific and to empower even more Latinas! Follow everything Latinarrific in our social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and with hashtag #Latinarrifc #IAmLatinarrific

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Latinarrific is an inspirational and transformational entertainment platform created to capture the hearts and minds of the more than 26 million Latinas in the United States, and those who honor and support them. Latinarrific aims to engage bi-cultural Latinas and generate awareness of upcoming and influential Latina content creators, whose principal medium is video. The Latinarrific sisterhood online platform (#IAmLatinarrific) and offline movement will enable individual Latinas, within this expanding population, to share videos created in five different areas: Mindset, Wellness, Cooking, Life Choices and Family.  Latinarrific has debuted several short films and stories that are centered in Latina voices and experiences under the direction of Latinarrific’s Creative Director of Content, Yovanka Sanchez, a media and entertainment veteran. It will be the first storytelling platform directed to U.S. Latinas where they will be the heroines. The platform and the movement can be joined by signing up at

Many high profile celebrities, including Barbara Palacios, Alicia Machado, Monika Sanchez, and celebrity influencers such as Marian De La Fuente, Lily Braun, Christina Mendez, Catalina Naranjo, Melissa Varon and Amanda Taylor, have rallied to support Latinarrific’s mission of empowerment.

The brand currently can be found digitally on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , and YouTube.

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