2018 Films Synopsis

2018 Hollywood Florida Film Festival Official Selections

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Short Films Director Country
It’s a story of a newly elected mayor who comes from a family where his dad was verbally and physically abusive to his mom. He is waiting to go on a chat show. On the chat show, he ends up saying good things about his dad. The story shows psychological effects of domestic violence on a person.
Shahid Kamal UK – London
Trix lives with her mother, father, grandmother and son in a house outside the city. One day, after coming back from work in a supermarket, and out of the blue, she just grabs an ax and brutally kills her father on broad daylight. The reasons, and consequences follow.
Agatino Zurria U.S.A. – Homestead, FL
An avant-garde film starring two of France’s most beloved actresses. Absinthe features Oscar-nominee Marie-Christine Barrault and Cesar-nominee Brigitte Fossey in the story of an American businessman who searches for meaning in his lonely existence. After he arrives in Paris, Simon receives a mysterious message from a cast of characters that include James Brown, Janis Joplin, Frida Khalo and Marilyn Monroe. They inspire him to return to his original artistic passions.
Michelle Figlarz U.S.A.
The Wall of Lyon
“Divided from the truth by ancient, towering walls, and abused by the reign of an outdated society; outlandish fantasist ‘CASSINI’ seeks asylum in an unknown world beyond the man-made walls of an authoritarian regime.”
Ashleigh Harley UK
No Mas: a Remission Denis Dominguez U.S.A. – Miami, FL
No More Safe Heaven
When Randal’s dangerous past finally catches up with him, he has no choice but to face it head on.
Dalton Burdette U.S.A. – Orlando, FL
White Clouds
A son tries to reconnect with his estranged father who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
Andrew T. Barrie U.S.A. – Zionsville, IN
One for You Two for Me
Zaz a genius bookie lives a boring life, never losing to anyone or anything. Ruika however, her husban Jin is indebted to Zaz, and seeks to clear it. Zaz has a game that could absolve his debt, or absolve Ruika’s life.
Denis Dominguez U.S.A.
We don’t fear the dark, we fear what’s in it. Checkmate invites you on a slow burn descent into our most primal fears. How will you survive? It’s your move.
David Jeremy Meyer U.S.A. – Clearwater, FL
An isolated chalet in a snowy forest… A man blinded by alcohol… A woman unable to rebel… And an 8-year-old child troubled and dark… The silent night is broken with cries… the start of a terrible nightmare!
“Man’s biggest fear has risen again!”.
Davide Melini UK – Winsdor
Wanted: Dead or Abducted
After robbing a small bank in Dodge, two cowboy bandits lose a posse and encounter very weird events in their new hideout.
Ramiro Hernandez U.S.A. – Miami, FL
Six Toes
Hemingway cats, accidental suicides, and happy childhood memories.
Quincy Perkins U.S.A. – Key West, FL
Emmott & Rowland
Emmott & Rowland were sweethearts and their story is a sad and romantic tragedy which has captured the imaginations of people who read about it. Set in Eyam Village in 1666 Plague
Aneel Ahmad UK
Shot in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Zanmim means “my friend” in Haitian Creole. Following Haiti’s earthquake in 2010, a spoiled Alex traveled to Haiti for relief efforts, but he didn’t know his life would be changed by Madness, a young man he worked with in a warehouse organizing medical supplies. This film is based on a true story, and Alex considers Madness the most impactful person he has ever met. People choose to never film in Haiti, so hopefully this film shows a bit of the beauty of the country despite the circumstances.
Alex Ford U.S.A. – La Canada Flintridge, CA
Creatures of God
Smack. Crunch. Splat. Two lovers are headed to the altar and small creatures are dying along the way. Predestination or coincidence? Creatures of God is a dark comedy that explores the obsessiveness of humans to find meaning in the random events that happen in our lives.
Sandy Parker U.S.A. – New Orleans, LA
Blake’s World
Blake, an inner city football star earns a full ride to a D1 University. This fish-out-of-water short highlights the accusation of rape and how important it is to tread lightly.
Choice Skinner U.S.A. – North Hollywood, CA
Magic Mouse
Magic Mouse is a comedy about two guys who have been repeatedly put down by their evil boss. One day they receive a Magic Mouse, which turns out to be the ingredient they need to be able to stand up to him once and for all.
The computer mouse they receive allows the cursor the leave the confines of the computer screen and manipulate the world around them.
Luke Zammit U.S.A. – Doral, FL
An ex-assassin fails to escape her past after a rival mercenary murders her father and fiancé. The film Shrouded follows Regalia who is seeking a life of peace, however those who she has done wrong in her past, come back to take everything away from her.
Alexa Wint U.S.A. – Ocala, FL
The Devil You Know
A spy/thriller short about triple agent Leah who after being betrayed from all angles, refuses to leave matters to the powers that be. 
Luce Newman Williams UK
Set in the future, we follow a genius inventor who is forced against his will to create a new breed of android for a corrupt group of people, he then plans and executes his escape from these people using his latest creation.
Julian Morales U.S.A.
Julie, the victim of physical abuse at the hands of her criminal husband, struggles to take the advice of her best friend who implores her to leave him.
Taylor Ellis U.S.A.
Disk 44
A foreign-born scientist spends Independence Day weekend as an espionage suspect embroiled in a stolen classified disk scandal and soon becomes the witch hunt victim of a government agency from hell. That’s the premise of “Disk 44”, a short film about racial profiling, with a dose of absurdism and surrealism.
Ray Arthur Wang & Federico Gaggero Germany
A contract killer struggles with continuing his brutal lifestyle when he meets a girl who challenges his apathy.
Dustin Weible U.S.A.
A bowling alley attendant struggles with PTSD from his own childhood when he encounters a little girl that he suspects is being abused by her father.
Arika Cullen U.S.A.
Show and Tell
When Naya, a recent 9­‐year­‐old Lebanese immigrant, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school concert she is thrilled until she realizes her family will attend wearing traditional Muslim dress so she tries to keep the event a secret.
Reem Morsi Canada
Feature Films Director Country
Back to Zero
A driver who chauffeurs escorts loses one of the ladies and must find her before morning or face serious consequences.
Tony Goss U.S.A.
The Rain Dance
A police interrogation in 1936, a contract murder in 1940, the investigation of that same crime in 1941, a teenage girl’s suicide attempt in 1952, a peculiar therapy session in 1985, the brief encounter of two prisoners in 2016, and a mysterious interview in 2017 … seven different stories that are not as disjointed as they may seem at first sight.
Lucas Parachu Argentina
Winter Ridge
Suspicious deaths in a remote town force a detective to solve a tangled case while his wife is in coma. Would you die to save the one you love.
Dom Lenoir UK – London
Mock and Roll
When a clueless parody band sets out to make it on stage at SXSW, their plan is interrupted, putting their music careers — and lives — in jeopardy.
Ben Bacharach-White U.S.A. – Columbus, OH
Documentaries Director Country
From aerial spray zones in the US to Agent Orange detox camps in Vietnam and the Zika epicenter in Brazil, this documentary explores whether chemicals sprayed from above are the best way to eradicate diseases below. 
Craig Leon U.S.A.
Rock music and rock photography are synonymous for the wild antics of their rockstars with one common denominator: Neil Zlozower, photographer extraordinaire-in-your-face madman. The daily dalliances of “Zloz” as part of the rock n roll stage show, in front and behind the stage and in the studio, are well documented and collaborated by the stars themselves…
Declan Maynes Austria
Spare Parts: Human Organ Trafficking in Bangladesh
Spare Parts explores the trafficking of human organs, kidneys and sections of livers by men and women in Bangladesh. The “donors” see little way out of their circumstances and cycles of debt. Yet they are often left with ruined health the result of hack surgery – and only partial payment for their “gift” of an organ.
Spare Parts will take you through their lives, and touch your heart. 
Troy Hale & Sue Carter U.S.A.
CENTRALIA, Pennsylvania’s Lost Town
An underground mine fire and the government ineptitude slowly dismantles a community in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
Joe Sapienza II U.S.A.
Brush…painted forward
‘BRUSH…painted forward’ crosses the paths of children suffering from deadly diseases, cancer survivors and their families, life long dedicated charity volunteers, and the talented artists Alex Harvie and TJ Black.
It blends them all together to help those in a desperate situation through tough times by exposing volunteering, giving back, and painting it all forward.
From the pick at “Sundance’ mountain through the heart of Louisiana down to South Florida, the lens follows artists Alex & Amy Harvie and TJ Black as they take on a mission to help others using their paint, talent and brushes. They are searching for genuine charities that are helping children deal with life and death situations. At the Children’s Cancer Caring Center (CCCC) fundraising eve they paint a beautiful oil painting, live at the event.
The painting becomes a masterpiece and brings most of all to CCCC and its children.
Dimitri Pantchev U.S.A. – Florida
The Courthouse Dog 
The “Dogumentary” tells the story of how former Voices for Children of Tampa Bay Director Betsy Smith and Guardian ad Litem (GAL) volunteer and handler Brenda Kocher were able to bring the Courthouse Facility Dog Program and the film’s star, Tibet, to the Hillsborough County 13th Judicial Circuit. With the success of the program, which began in 2014, they hope to expand and bring more facility dogs to courthouses around the state of Florida.
Joshua Santos U.S.A. – Florida
A Hero in Making
A Hero in Making (2017) is a short documentary that follows the stories of three children diagnosed with different types of cancer and their battles for life. Each one of these inspirational stories represents the fight of a real life hero. Lucas is one young man who survived cancer and is determined to raise awareness and help those dealing with the same situation. Brandon is in remission, but still bravely undergoing the last series of treatment. Valeria passed away, but her spirit remains alive through her moving story told by her family. A Hero in Making (2017) honors these three heroes and every single person affected by pediatric cancer, while sending a message of hope, faith and strength.
Alina Morisca & Sandra Fierro U.S.A. – Hallandale Beach, FL
¿Cómo fue? A Cuban Journey
This is the story of Guillermo (Bill) Vidal, and his journey as a Cuban child, during Castro’s revolution, which brought him to the United States during Operation Pedro Pan. His new life began in an orphanage and led to him becoming Denver, Colorado’s first immigrant mayor.
Meg Moritz & Emilie Johnson U.S.A. – Boulder, Colorado
Web Series / TV Pilots Director Country
The Bunny Hole
The Bunny Hole is a web series in the style of Reno 911 about a struggling brothel in Pahrump, Nevada.
Ken Davenport U.S.A.
Reality Disorder
Nikki and Gerard, two struggling independent producers in New York City, are desperate for a hit series. After a promising meeting with a television network, they set off to make a reality show with Gerard’s rich playboy cousin.
Gerard Bianco Jr. U.S.A. – New York, NY
New York 2150
Intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon partners with ex-cop Mac Cole to track down a psychotic killer for a generous fee. When their search brings Jayden back to his hometown, the ghosts of his past haunt every corner of New Manhattan.
Harry Assouline U.S.A. – New York, NY
Student Films Director Country
The Centenarian
James Dawson, a bounty hunter, has been sent on many missions. Now, blackmailed by a shadow government agency, he is to find a man of their own who went rogue.
Peter Alexander U.S.A. – Davie, FL
Lemonade Stand
A resourceful young girl scout attempts to take on the
establishment after her lemonade stand gets shut down
for not having a proper permit.
Justin Appleton U.S.A. – Bogota, NJ
Last Kiss
The lives of pastors, prostitutes, and policeman collide amidst the desperation of Depression-era Miami.
Andrew Paul Davis U.S.A. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fool’s Paradise
Jane tries to figure out when it all went wrong.
Kristina League U.S.A.
Attract & Raquel
Austin, a young man who loves to be outdoors, has been dating his girlfriend Kelly. Austin is positive that she is the one for him, although he’s only known her for a few months. He realizes that Kelly doesn’t share the same interest in running as he does. This is devastating for Austin, causing him to go against his marriage.
Michael Hamm U.S.A.
A young woman dreams of her prior day every night when she falls asleep. She continues this tradition for years until her father’s impending death drives her lucid. In the dream, she makes a change, and when she wakes up, she’s in a broken future, one she’s desperate to fix.
Griffin Schiller U.S.A.
Nolan Hicks PSA Put America Back on Track
Nolan Hicks PSA Put America Back on Track
Nolan Hicks U.S.A.